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ESC Times 2020 June Edition

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

ESC Group - ESC Times 2020 has arrived!

Like a pebble dropped in water that creates ripples capable of reaching great distances, we wish to inspire lives for the better, as we share milestones of our achievements.

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ESC Group continues to achieve significant milestones as it goes beyond 30 years since it’s first sheet pile was driven at Magnetic Island, Australia in 1986.

Now located in twenty (20) countries and counting, ESC has so far established manufacturing and engineering offices in different regions primarily in Asia, the Middle East and North America. This growth through project awards and market footprint set up ESC’s recognition and popularity in the global market in becoming one of the trusted product and service providers culminating in the delivery of significant projects all over the world.

ESC, over the years, has evolved into an internationally certified organization with full capacity in Engineering and Design, Project Management, Research and Development, Manufacturing, Supply, and Construction.

From its humble beginnings as a manufacturer-supplier of steel sheet piles, ESC has successfully incorporated Engineering Support and Design to its discipline as a systematic approach to Foundation Solutions, Marine Equipment, Trench Safety, Corrosion Control, and diversified Structural Steel Fabrication. ESC has delivered to every continent in the world.

New Offices


Featured Product: ESC Trench Shoring Shields

Trench shield for sale

ESC’s world-wide acclamation is sustained by its experience and product contribution in excavation and trench safety. The range of products that includes sheet piles, tubular piles, struts, trench shields/boxes, and tie-rod systems exhibits an undisputed level of commitment to system development and perfection. ESC is devoted to continual exploration of the versatility and possible combinations of these solutions that may lead to more effective, safe, and time saving project executions.

Trench shield

Project Highlights

  • China, Islington Warehouse

  • Dubai, DS-189 Deep Sewerage System

  • Louisiana, YCI Methanol One Plant

  • Virginia, Clearwater Construction

  • Abu Dhabi, Mubarraz Island

waste skip fabrication

UAE: ESC Al Sharafi Steel have introduced a new product to the fabrication line. A new range of rubbish skips has been designed and the first orders have been completed. Under the guidance of Operations Manager Grace Agullana, the ESC rubbish skips have been designed in accordance with the German standards and look set to become a major product in the future.


ESC Group Online Training during the Coronavirus Outbreak

As a part of the plan to maintain productivity amidst the quarantine, ESC Group has embarked upon a two-week online training course that tackled a syllabus focused on Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Project Management, Time Management, and Accounting. Special topics about Product Familiarization, Import and Export Operations, Logistics, ISO requirements, and Taxation were also provided including some subjects in Computer Software and Application.

Team Spotlights: ESC Philippines Team

ESC Philippines Team

The first part makes sense, such as when the duo of John Yeates Jr. and his Assistant demonstrated the capability to create a strong and well established ESC Group in the Philippines 3 years ago.

ESC Maxico Team

ESC employee section and more!

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