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Zinc and Aluminum Sacrificial  Anodes

Sacrificial anodes are pieces of metal used to prevent the corrosion of structures underwater and increase their design life. As simple as it seems, sacrificial anodes result of modern anti-corrosion engineering. Corrosion can cause giant ships to be useless and cease the entire operations. Sacrificial anodes, also known as galvanic anodes, are the protection mechanisms you need to employ against corrosion. While they don't stop the corrosion completely, they do sacrifice themselves to it. 


ESC supplies high-quality zinc and aluminum anodes for corrosion protection of hulls of ships, offshore pipelines, underground tanks, docks piers and jetties, refineries, water heaters, and distribution systems. We have a highly experienced technical team to assist you with the design, installation, and commissioning.

Cathodic Protection for Ships, Boats and Vessels

Sacrificial anodes typically come in three materials: Zinc, aluminum, and magnesium. 

The maritime industry traditionally uses zinc anodes due to their availability. This metal is a suitable material for corrosion protection in marine/saltwater environments; however, it does not provide adequate protection in brackish/freshwater environments.

Aluminum Sacrificial Anodes is widely used as the primary material for cathodic protection systems. This material provides adequate performance in saltwater and brackish water environments. Aluminum anodes last longer than zinc anodes and are lighter in weight due to their lower density.

Sacrificial anodes are strong, efficient, and can be fully customized for every project requirement. It's a great corrosion protection option that every expert should invest in. If you're worried about corrosion ruining your materials, you need to invest in cathodic protection.

At ESC, we sell zinc and aluminum sacrificial anodes, so you can choose between these two main materials for corrosion protection systems. Get the supplies that you need to protect your equipment today! 

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Anode Sizes

Anode Sizes

Zinc Hull Anodes - Weld on Two Strap
Aluminum Hull Anodes - Weld on Two Strap
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Custom Anode Sizing & Other Configurations

ESC offers an extensive range of anode configurations and sizes that can be customized per project or as per your existing design.

Weld on - 4 Strap

Bolt on Anodes

Pipe Core Standoff

Sled Anodes

Bracelet Anodes

Ball Anodes

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection

In some applications where there is a high resistance and a dependable external power source, Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) may be an ideal alternative to a sacrificial galvanic anode system. ICCP systems are frequently used to protect underground steel structures & pipelines but can be used in other applications such as for the protection of marine steel structures, storage tanks and even ships.


ESC have partnered with a reputable provider from Europe for such systems that are high quality, dependable and safe and can provide complete technical support.

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