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About ESC

Our Vision

“To be the leading company in Philippines for the supply of high quality steel products such as sheet piles, tie rods, steel pipe piles, structural steel fabrications.”


“To be the leading company in Philippines for the supply of high quality construction products such as PVC Sheet Piles, cathodic protection systems, mooring bollards & marine rubber fenders

slope protection vinyl sheet pile

Our Mission

We aim to achieve our vision by:

• Delivering quality products and services to achieve excellent customer satisfaction.

• Improving continuously to respond to an ever changing market

• Implementing advanced technology for the betterment of the construction industry.

• Evolving into new supply chains through partnerships and alliances with other leading industrial businesses.

• Being a responsible and reliable partner to all stakeholders

• Helping build green communities and opportunities for them.

• Collaborating with government organizations.

• Creating a great place to work with plenty of opportunities for employees, their families and communities to thrive.

Affiliations & Accreditations

ESC has worked on projects, holds accreditation or conducted educational seminars with numerous contractors, developers, government agencies and associations for the betterment of the Philippine nation’s infrastructure.

ESC Steel Philippines affiliations and accreditations

ESC has been designing and producing sheet piles since the late 1980’s and is now a leading manufacturer of cold rolled/formed steel sheet piles, supplying a global network. ESC has expanded significantly into tubular piles/mono-piles, tie rod systems and structural steel throughout the last 10 years.

Further to simply supplying products we at ESC take a different approach to piling which is tailored to the customers’ requirements. ESC believes that just supplying a product is insufficient and the level of support that customers receive is beyond expectations. This support ranges from general advice on the Client’s options to full engineering support and design. Also available to the client are corrosion protection options, tie back systems and other items associated with the sheet piling system.


marine and foundation piling supplier
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Marine fender and mooring bollards supplier
Corrosion Protection system
Vinyl Sheet Pile Supplier
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ESC Piles and other products are produced in accordance with the latest international standards as well as ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems. Other standards depending on the client’s needs can be applied on request.

Stainless Steel Ornamental Cross for Main Bridge

ESC has designed and supplied sheet piles to projects in every continent of the world.

bailey bridge manufacturer and supplier

ESC has established strong working relationships with manufacturers of steel, paints, cathodic protection systems and other items associated with piling works, providing a full suite of options to the client.

engineering expertise

ESC can provide guidance on alternative solutions to the client.

Please contact the nearest ESC office to get complimentary advice.

Key Projects in the Philippines

ESC Steel Philippines key projects.PNG
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