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Connectors / Interlocks

ESC offers a wide range of hot rolled and cold formed connectors which can be used on corner piles, junction piles or combined wall systems of pipe or H pile. They can be formed for standard configurations or also for custom configurations. These can be utilised to mate with both ESC sheet piles and even other sheet piles. These connectors give the flexibility of complex configurations without wastage that cutting or modifying standard sheet piles could not match. 

Hot Rolled Connectors

ESC's hot rolled connectors can be mated with traditional Larssen sheet pile interlocks and also commonly used Type IIIw & IVw sheet piles. See the compatibility table below for the compatibility chart.

Cold Formed Connectors

ESC utilises the flexible cold forming process to produce interlocks that can mate with ESC's extremely wide range of ESC-CRZ Series and ESC-CRU Series Sheet Piles. A wide range of steel grades are available to the customer.

These connectors can be welded together on-site or prior to delivery in numerous configurations with typical options shown on the left.

Compatability Table

Sheet Pile Compatibility Table


Product Images

Project Case Studies

Project Case Studies
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