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Ports, Piers & Harbours

ESC offers thousands of options of products and services for port, pier and harbour construction or upgrading. Its breadth of products is unmatched in the industry. ESC's staff engineers also provide a highly technical and responsive service to complement its vast product line. ESC products can be found in harbours all over the world, from United Kingdom, United States, Mexico, Haiti, UAE, Australia and more.

Complete Range of Capabilities & Services

As the global economy becomes increasingly integrated, the need for larger container vessels and port capacity increases. High capacity sheet piles & pipe piles or H Piles are the critical to enable construction of modern facilities necessary to attract these ships that are vital to the economic health of the port.

The breadth of the ESC product range and expertise offered is unparalleled in the industry. ESC's combined wall systems offer thousands of combinations in a wide variety of steel grades for the design engineer to select from. 

ESC's highly experienced engineers prrovide the following services to complement its extensive product line:

  • Geotechnical Analysis

  • Structural Analysis

  • Full Retaining Wall Detailed Design - Plaxis, ReWARD, D-Sheet Piling

  • Sheet Pile and Combi Wall Design & Optimisation

  • Fabrication Shop Drawings

  • Project Construction Drawings

  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED) & Concept Studies

  • Project Management

  • 3D Visualisation & Animations

Complete Product Line

Project Case Studies

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