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Trench Shield Solutions: Strengths and Advantages

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

trench shield installed on site

1. According to statistics from Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA), the rate of fatalities in excavation works is over 100% more than from any other construction activity. From this, three (3) out of four (4) are caused by cave-ins. Trench shields (also known as Trench Boxes) are a safety cage primarily designed to protect the people in the event of a cave-in. They are mostly produced from steel and aluminum alloys, making them extraordinarily strong and rigid against soil collapse when assembled as a system.

2. Trenches generally have something called a stand-up time. This is the period of time that a trench will last from the time it is dug to the time its walls begin to collapse. Stand-up time could be as quick as few seconds to as long as days or months, depending on depth, soil type, ground water level, weather conditions, and intensity of activity inside and around the trench. A properly designed and installed Trench Shield shall give the workers the required time to complete the job inside the trench while their safety is assured.

3. Temporary trench shields can be economically rented and are much less expensive than fixed shoring systems. Contractors who don’t prefer to invest in producing or purchasing their own can simply rent or subcontract the supply and installation from Companies who has high expertise in the business, like ESC Trench Shoring Inc. Trench Shield or Trench Box profiles can be built to within 100mm (4 in.) of actual dimensional needs, avoiding unnecessary excavation and backfilling works. Contractors should always use a Competent Person to evaluate the trench and the trench shield requirements and should always follow the Trench Shields manufacturers’ tab data sheet.

4. Trench Shields are available in a wide range of sizes and strength categories that suit different volume requirements and soil conditions. They can also be provided in custom sizes. Shields can be easily adjusted to appropriate widths using fixed or adjustable spreaders and struts. ESC Trench Shields provide a size matrix of close dimensional increments for easy and economical selection that will match configurations of the trench and equipment to be used.

5. Trench shield solutions eliminates the need for sloping and benching of trench walls, hence wide excavations are no longer required. Not only excavation time is reduced but also the backfill volume, cutting down overall expenditures by significant amounts. They are of huge help when Right of Way is limited and workspace needs to be maximized.

6. Trench shield components are engineered for high strength, robust design, low weight, and ease of handling. Modular panels, spreaders, and struts are light enough to be transported by light trucks and can be quickly configured for 2, 3 or 4-sided. Parts are delivered in flat packages and can be easily assembled and lifted into the trench by any existing onsite excavation equipment.

The ESC Trench Shield System is designed and manufactured in accordance with OSHA 29 CFR 1926.650, 29 CFR 1926.651 and CFR 1926.652, Subpart P, Excavations, with parts and components and certified by Independent Professional Engineer. ESC is a member of NAXSA (North American Excavation Shoring Association).

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